When it comes to results, we've got the perfect formula for busy people to look and feel their best without boring cardio or over-restrictive diets.



The best weight loss program in Alameda designed for busy men and women. Get in the best shape of your life, in a safe, fun and non-intimidating atmosphere. You also have the flexibility to choose from our group fitness classes or Personal Training programs 


PLUS, as you may already know, support is the key to sticking to your goals. Which is why we provide you with tools and guidance to help you along your journey to feeling confident and happier about your life. 


Guaranteed Results ...This is what we are all about. 


Why Alameda Beach Body?


  • Train with the very best weight loss experts in Alameda California
  • Consistent mentorship and coaching from the most dedicated and passionate coaches.

  • Get everything done for you. No guessing or confusion about what to eat, then or how much.
  • Achieve results in less than 3 hours a week.

Summer Farouni,

What You Can Expect When You Join ABB 

It's about so much more than lowering the number on a scale! Here are some of the benefits you will receive from transforming your body here at ABB.


Inches Off Your Waist

Twice The Results in Half The Time

Faster Metabolism

More Energy All Day

Improved Quality of Life

Move and Feel Better

Better Aerobic Conditioning and Heart Health

Fun, Friendly, Energetic and Passionate Coaches


Results are not typical depending on type of program and commitment level of the individual.



I'm feeling more confident, energized and reinvigorated by working out. New nutrition habits that I thought would NEVER stick

Seeing physical changes and feeling stronger.  I can challenge and push myself harder. I feel like more power in legs. I definitely feel great, full of energy most of the time, happy and clothes fit better.

I feel changes in my body, my energy and my self confidence.  I am a much happier, energetic person.  I feel very empowered and really enjoy being part of the ABB community. 


Physically I feel - more energy, better habits, less back pain

Mental I feel - more optimistic, more energy, proud of my accomplishments

Spiritually I feel - more clarity, more content


Better eating habits, better sleeping patterns, better management of stress, better emotional experiences, I love exercising, I feel stronger, I am more self confident, and I am grateful to have made some good friends. 

I'm much calmer, more motivated, happier with myself for pushing to make the 5:15 workout that fit perfectly into my morning.  I am more comitted to eat healthy and be accountable for eating well.

Eating a lot more healthy, having so much more energy and find it easier to control my temper.  Happier and more confident :) 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many people are in a group class?

Classes will range from 8-18 people.

Will there be other beginners in my class?

Absolutely. There are always beginners in class. Plus, the advanced students are always eager to help you get you on your way.

How many classes per week should I attend?

We have classes 2-3 days a week so a number of classes you take are based on your own personal schedule. Most of our members train about 2-5 times per week and see great results.


Do I need to 'get in shape' before I start your classes?

A common misunderstanding is that you need to be 'in shape' before training. This is completely false. Our classes are designed to allow our members to train 'at their own pace' while at the same time, giving the advanced student the opportunity to challenge themselves.


How long do the are classes last?

Our classes last approximately 50 minutes.

How can I get started?

Send us an email to or call 510-585-1117

Does the studio offer childcare?

At this time, we do not offer areas for children in the studios.

What is the minimum age to take classes?

The minimum age to attend class is 12 years of age.

Are ABB classes co-ed?

Yes! although most classes consist of about 98% females, anyone is welcomed to workout with us!




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