Taking care of your health and nutrition is a challenge. In our busy lifestyle, it is easy to avoid keeping fit and just eating fast, convenient food. A healthy lifestyle takes discipline, will power and conviction to continue even when you are tempted to quit or to skip a workout.


At Alameda Beach Body, we believe in the importance of good health and fitness as a regular part of your life in order to stay strong, stay fit and stay committed.  Whether you are a health junkie, or you used to work out a lot and want to get back into it, or you have never worked out, we have a workout class that will suit you.  Our group training sessions are fun and upbeat, and provide a community of likeminded people to support each other, while our individual training sessions provide personalized attention and focus on your specific needs.


One of the key ingredients for a healthy lifestyle is nutrition, which is why we take the time to teach you about maintaining a balanced diet and the nutritional principles you need to know.  From your first enquiry to your regular workout class schedule, we want to see you succeed. We provide a complimentary goal assessment session and can advise you on what style of workout and level of class will suit you.


Areas of focus include transformation and weight loss programs, as well as strength building and body sculpting. Our class types including boot camp, cardio, group fitness and personal training. 


Alameda Beach Body was founded by Summer Farouni, a NCCPT Certified Personal Trainer, AFAA Group Fitness Instructor and Wow Weight Loss Nutrition Coach.  Summer is also certified in pilates, muay thai fitness, Zumba and as a personal chef.

Summer Farouni

Head Coach



Summer was born and raised in Amman, Jordan. There, she developed her love for dancing and from as early as age 13 began exploring many different styles including ballet, jazz, belly dancing, salsa and ballroom dancing. Fueled by her fascination with cultural diversity, as well as a passion for physical fitness, she honed her skills in these and other genres and quickly found herself using these talents in new and exciting ways. From the artistic world of competitive ballroom dancing to the rigorous world of fitness and being a personal trainer, Summer appreciates both the beauty of dancing and its practicality as a fun and effective way of getting and staying in shape.
In 2003, she brought that with her to California where she now teaches dance and fitness classes that incorporate her many years of expertise with her diverse cultural background and all the different genres of music and dance she has explored. Her classes are structured in a way that takes into account the relative inexperience of many of her students and her initial focus is always to get them moving. Classes are fun and no one is pressured into mastering complex dance moves right away. Rather, a logical progression from simple motions to more advanced routines ensures that even the newest students have a chance to pick things up as they go along without feeling left out in a sea of more experienced students.
Combine this with Summer's natural “bubbly” energy and the catchy dance rhythms that drive her lessons and you have the most fun workout session you could ever imagine! Whether you're looking to burn more calories, get into shape, improve your coordination, or just want to try something new and fun, Summer's dance classes will leave you feeling fit, re-energized, and you might even surprise yourself by how quickly you take to dancing as a hobby. ;)


Training Philosophy


It's a good idea to get to know some of Summer's philosophies and what she believes will maximize the results you gain from attending her camp. A good fitness program doesn't start and end during workouts. Proper nutrition is just as important as training hard that's why Summer offers a nurition program as well to supplement your training program. This will ensure that you're doing all the right things to make your workout efforts really pay off! 


The other very important part of maximizing program success is consistency. This can't be stressed enough really. Too many people come out to an exercise camp a couple of times and then lose their motivation because they don't lose ten pounds or see six-pack abs in the first week of training. Fitness programs take time and dedication to show the amazing results you've probably seen on other people and you can bet that no one you see with an amazing physique got that way overnight. 




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